Team Building

It is a natural reaction to a routine work environment for a team member to become lax and fruitless, our unrivaled teamwork activity is particularly developed to reverse that cycle of ineffectiveness. Moreover, this interesting and new experience is bound to produce a tight knit work environment. Our course learns from the missteps of other modern, ineffective team building activities. Our exceptional adventure of proficiently flying a hot air balloon transposes into productivity by having each member actively taking part in team aligned tasks.


Once you and your team reach the launch location, a preflight conference will take place at which time, the team will be divided into smaller groups of 2 to 4 people. Our exhaustively trained pilots will advise the team mutually on weather conditions, location and the way to operate the balloon. The members may be asked to determine a reliable touchdown site based upon their preceding instruction, calling for them to work as a team.

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Every team will have now been assigned a pilot to manage the altitude of the balloon during flight. He will assist the group in carrying out the various tasks necessary to pump up the balloon and any supplementary safety checks just before liftoff. Your anticipation is quickly resolved given the genuine inflation of the balloon typically takes 15 minutes or less. Now we release the balloon!


Each and every group will leave with extensive knowledge on the flight of the balloon and what goes into the operation of it. Based on their navigating capabilities with the map and the relevant information provided during the course of preflight, the team should also be able to tell the pilot how elevated to fly and where to go in order to get to their location for touchdown.


With the help of their experienced pilot, the team should prove triumphant when they land, preferably, on their fixed touchdown zone after their hour long journey. Assuming their inevitable successful landing, every group, with the aid of the captain and his ground crew will anchor and pack up the balloon. Each pilot is different, but typically a captain will celebrate the experience with some form of amenity ranging from a champagne toast to hors d'oeuvres. This would most likely be the right time for small talk between team members to help strengthen their relationship through remembering the flight.

Team Building

A beneficial method to build connection and faith can be labeled as a Team Building activity. At Greenville Hot Air Balloons, we have committed ourselves to fostering an atmosphere and technique that serves as real life practice of team building activities that offer to effectively enhance a business, not just function as a good day of rest. However, let's not fail to remember the charm and tranquility that ballooning supplies and how experiencing such sensation in the presence of our colleagues is a bonding adventure in and of itself.

Our Team Building programs can be completely individualized to suit your team, call us at 1-888-994-9275 to reinforce your business right away!

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